AshleyMadison, Karma is Real

As you know, the website was recently effed (pun intended) and as much as I’d like to feel bad for their PR team to help recover from this fallout, I. Just. Can’t. I mean, what can you expect when your entire brand is based on screwing — literally. The slogan they have lived and hopefully now die by, “Life is short. Have an affair.” Wow. You have to expect that at some point the ‘chickens will come home to roost.’ And it came home to roost for 37 million users. SMDH.

At any rate, I do feel bad for their public relations team who’s getting their share of the 15 minutes of fame with their PR pitch touting AshleyMadison as the ‘last truly secure space on the Internet’. Um… #nomam Ms. PR Teena Touch and I’m assuming that’s an alias — at least I hope so. My advice on this #brandsituation? Admit it — #iEffedUp. And let that be the only statement you make for awhile.

PR pros what do you say? Is there hope for a comeback or did the #ishhitthePRfan forreal? Asking for a friend *sarcasm*.

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