Introducing Station’s new Notification Center.

Notifications came to life with an honorable aim in mind: telling users something new just happened. The sad truth is they have become hacks designed to steal our attention rather than meaningful insights into our work.

A poison in our work life

We can receive up to one notification every 4 minutes. Knowing that it takes the human brain an average of 25 minutes to effectively switch between tasks, it’s no wonder that we are left with the feeling of having been unproductive at the end of our work day.

If you consider the environment most people use to get work done — their browser —…

We are proud to announce that after months of iteration and fine-tuning, Station is now stable, fully ready to get you cozy and productive at work.

From private Beta to a stable workstation

You probably have a lot more in common than you think with the two people in the picture.

We spend nearly ⅓ of our life online to get work done. Writing emails, editing spreadsheets, looking through analytics data, taking minutes — most of the work we achieve each and every day takes place in our trusty old Chrome, Firefox or Safari (and if you are a digital hipster, Internet Explorer).

In fact browsers have become the new operating systems of the cloud. But truth be told, it’s like we’re still running Windows 95. Let me explain.

Your work is (more than ever) in the cloud

In 2008, less than…


One app to rule them all

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