Why Do We Need STEM Skills?

The future of every country highly depends on STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is also everywhere and exactly what models our daily experiences.

Not many consider how effective STEM is in their lives. Science gives everyone a glimpse of our natural environment from the oceans, lands, stars, moon and sun, natural phenomena, weather, animals, food, plants, transportation of power, fuel used in homes and much more. In our 21st century world, Technology conjures images of smartphones and computers although an in-depth look will take you all the way to the discovery of the wheel, compass, telescope, telegraph, microscope, radio waves and TV.

In Engineering, bridges, roads, and buildings are designed while tackling the daily transportation challenges, creating eco-friendly systems, appliances and machines and dealing with global warming. A look at the last 20 years will show you how crucial engineering has been in our modern lives. Mathematics is encountered daily no matter who you are, from filling a tax form, bank withdrawal or deposit, grocery store, family budget, children in a mathematics lesson and investing stocks and other investments. Each of the other fields in STEM depends so much on mathematics.

Robotics in the classroom

Engaging in activities related to STEM when young helps stimulate the interest of children and ensures they have mastered vital technologies. If used in schools, lessons on robotics have a way of energizing classrooms. Two decades ago, robotics for children were only a few motors and a couple of structures, but today they are very sophisticated; use motors and lots of sensors, including desktop computer interfaces allowing robust programming activities at a very affordable cost.

Robotics encourages hands on engagement and learning, training for certain careers in the future and solving problems. Studying robotics particularly in classrooms has a way of making computer programming easy to grasp and less abstract and draws the interest of people who rarely have any interest in engineering or technology by bringing top-technology into an everyday practical level.

Modern life shaped by STEM

Essentially, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics permeate virtually every area of our modern life. The United States Department of Labor over the years has indicated the most sought employees and virtually all the top ten of these have always been those individuals with degrees and expertise in STEM, such financial experts, economists, civil engineers computer engineers, information systems and sciences, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer scientists and even accounting. While other occupations have a growth of fewer than 10 percent, the United States Department of Commerce has found out that STEM careers have a growth of over 17 percent.

Affordable robotic kits

Nonetheless, STEM education is not cheap and lots of schools have been forced to almost forsake the creative learning aspect from their curriculum. However with low cost STEM kits provided in various versions, children can be introduced into STEM through the most cost effective and affordable method available today on the web for every individual, especially children. JunkBot is a unique platform that provides robotic kits to give a chance to individuals to create robots through the use of junk found around them, such as cardboard, cd’s, water bottles among many other items not in use. It is an experience that plants the seed of attaining STEM concepts in an eco-friendly, fun and affordable way that also enhances creative thinking.

JunkBot kits

Depending on the age, it is possible for children to begin their lesson in robotics right away. JunkBot provide an engaging, fun and inexpensive education tool to pupils in K1 through K12 anywhere across the globe to improve and grow their STEM interests and skills. For example, the Base Bot Kit is best for kids aged between 6 and 9 years in a pre-programmed kit while those between 10 and 13 years old are well covered by the Premium Bot Kit, which is programmable, including JunkBot Store program download. For hobbyists above the age of 14 years, the advanced Bot Kit will suffice, which is programmable, including JunkBot Store program download. These modules are very easy and simple to use and extensively sharpen and teach some of the vital skills required in the 21st century.

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