Obscuranti : The Conspiracy

You likely know the conspiracy theory involving illuminati. This secret society founded in Germany two centuries ago is supposed to be an hidden government for the world. It made stuff for profitable blockbusters by lacking of imagination writers. But did you hear about obscuranti?

Obscuranti are more and more visible now: they took the power in the USA, gave fake information to british people to force them to shoot themselves in the foot. The harshest obscuranti are torturing men and humiliating women in the muslim world. Even in the so smart India, extremist Hindus are destroying art, violating the most sacred principles of their own religion and swami. Everywhere in the world, they are back. Extremely conservatives, they walk backwards, their face turned to the past. In French, there is an unfriendly word for them : “les pisse-vinaigres” (vinegar micturating). You know what: that’s good news. Our time is a time for a new Renaissance, like in Italy five centuries ago. The previous renaissance was due to the invention of printing by Gutenberg in 1450, this one is a consequence of the invention of the web by Tim Berner-Lee in 1989.

In 1534, John of Leiden founded in Münster -in Germany- an Anabaptist theocracy. Anabaptists claimed all property, burned all books except Bible, destroyed many churches and art pieces, declared Münster as New Jerusalem, allowed polygamy. Don’t you think it looks like Daech?

In fact, we can imagine the Renaissance periods are extremely uncomfortable for ultra-conservative people. Their world is vanishing and they confusedly know they’ll not be invited to the next one. They tend to condemn any evolution of the society often referring to the natural order. As you know, evolution is the main activity of Nature. Most of the “against nature” things or people they daily hurt are less against the natural order than ultra-cons are. Of course, some of them don’t believe to the Darwinian evolution: If Nature doesn’t want to be natural as we think it should, let us change the Nature !

During the Renaissance times, obscuranti are looser. It is now scientifically demonstrated that conservatism and religious extremism are poisons for innovation. Countries having a strong conservatism always economically under perform. Poverty and scarcity are good for obscuranti as they give them new customers. So we will likely see many Münsterian societies during this century. But it doesn’t change the Natural order : everyone will have to evolve. In 1535, Münster’s ultras have been massively exterminated. They disappeared and Europe evolved.

So innovators, startupers, artists, engineers, weird people, performers, be sure we will finally win, even if we are not legions, just because we are the Natural order.