Replacing Circus Ponies Notebook

I am way over due in writing this post, as I promised to do so back in my January 2016 article “Saying Goodbye to Circus Ponies Notebook.” The Circus Ponies App for Mac and iOS is no more…quoting the developer that “Circus Ponies has gone to that great Alphabet company in the sky.” So now what?

I could turn this article into its own book, but instead I am going to keep this as short as possible (which is still going to be relatively long) and tell you what I have done and mention some of the really great options there are out there. Here are the steps I recommend you take:

  • Export all of your existing Circus Ponies Notebooks into formats that are a bit more future-proof
  • Examine your specific needs and based on those needs choose an app or several apps that best fit those needs
  • Stop using Circus Ponies Notebook and move on

Exporting Your Circus Ponies Notebooks

Freeing your precious data from the crumbling prison of the Circus Ponies Notebook app should be your top priority. Using the term “crumbling prison” is probably a little harsh as the Notebook app has several really simple and powerful ways to exports all your data from a given notebook with just a few clicks. But even so, it is VERY important that you do so quickly. While the Circus Ponies Notebook apps will continue to work on iOS and macOS for at least for a little while, you still need to sever the tie to this dead platform. Here are the export actions I took:

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