Setting Up a New Apple Watch

One of my friends recently got her first Apple Watch and was asking me for tips or recommendations for apps. As I was going back and forth with her via iMessage I realized that these tips would be useful for a lot of other people as well. Heck, it would useful even for people who have had an Apple Watch since they came out and just want to get more use our of their watch. So here we go…

Initial Setup

I have to admit, when I first setup my Apple Watch (the first day it came out) I didn’t follow this advice. But back then I really didn’t have this advice to follow. I recommend that when you are presented with the option during setup to install all apps from your iPhone that have a corresponding Apple Watch app that you decline that option. Here’s why. Most of the 3rd party apps out there, the ones that are not apps made by Apple, aren’t all that useful. So installing all of these during the setup is just going to clutter up your app switching screen with a bunch of little icons that you will never use. You are better off starting with a few apps you use the most and slowly trying out others you think you might have use for. After the initial setup you can go into the Watch app on your iPhone and scroll down the main screen of the app and it will list all the apps that are on your iPhone that are available for the Apple Watch. If they are already installed there will be a text next to it saying “Installed,” otherwise it will be blank. If you want to install the app on your Apple Watch just select the app and then toggle the “Show App on Apple Watch” toggle to green.


This is yet more advice that I didn’t follow when I first setup my Apple Watch. Whether you accept the default setup process (which is for any apps on your Apple Watch to mirror the same notification preferences from your iPhone and use them on your Apple Watch) or not I suggest you setup custom notification on your Apple Watch. The reason I suggest having separate notification on your Apple Watch is that most likely (unless you are an information junkie) you will not want every little notification throughout the day going straight to your wrist. Mail is the best example. Do you really want to know each and every time you get a new email? For email, instead of opting to get a notification on your Apple Watch for each new email I suggest you setup notifications such that only email from people on your VIP list alert your Apple Watch. Apple has a thread explaining how to do this. Also, go through your list of Apple Watch apps and think about what kind of notification you want to see instantly and what can wait. Remember, with iOS 10 you can see notifications just by picking up your iPhone (your iPhone wakes automatically and displays missed notifications on your lock screen). Go into the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and go into the “Notifications” section (it’s the 2nd menu item under the “My Faces” section showing your installed watch faces. When you go into “Notifications” it will list all the apps on your watch that you can customize. Below is a screenshot showing how I have setup my iMessage notifications on my watch.

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