Available Options For Canva Image Modules

Original post: Available Options for Canva Image Modules
Download User Manual: https://1wd.tv/canva-manual

One can turn any module into a clickable link that can direct your visitor to another page, another website, to send an email, purchase or subscribe to a product, or trigger an event.

Just type or paste the url (including the prefix of http:// or https:// or the agnostic // if you choose to leave off the protocol) into the Link URL content box as shown below. You can also select the checkbox for “Open new tab?” if you would like the link to open a new browser tab.

NOTE: If you choose to add a url to this content box, then this will also change the roll over cursor from an arrow to a hand-pointer to indicate that the module image is now something that may be clicked.

If you’ve added a Link URL, you may then also select the checkbox to display the same alt text as a “Title Tip”. NOTE: This only occurs if there is content in the Link URL content box!

When you roll your mouse over and pause a Title Tip would appear, similar to this.

You may also center your image and limit the maximum display width to 1170px by default. This is useful for designs that have a visible background style or content padding.

By limiting the width to 1170px, there will always be a padded space around the image module whenever the browser width is at least 769px wide.

For any browser sizes smaller than that, the module image will be 100% of the width.

Once you are comfortable with the basics, we will show you advanced styling techniques.

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