Create Incredible WordPress Layouts with Canva Image Module for LabPages

Original post: Create Incredible WordPress Layouts with Canva Image Module for LabPages

In this video, I will introduce you to our Canva image module for LabPages. This module allows you to harness all the incredible design power of and marry it with the drag and drop content creation and management of LabPages and WordPress.

Whether you are building for yourself, a client, or are an employee of a corporation…this “killer” combination will have you looking like a FREAKING GENIUS in minutes…with NO CODING REQUIRED.

Forget everything you've learned about creating landing pages, sales pages, promotional pages, emails, Facebook pages, or anything that previously required special skills.

With LabPages, the Canva Image Module, and you will become a DESIGN HERO today!

If you need to put together content quickly, and don’t have amazing design skills, you can quickly generate an image with Canva. We recommend making it a minimum of 1170 px as this is what Bootstrap requires.

Once you have made your Canva image, you should compress its size using TinyPNG.

With the Canva image module you need to provide a URL for your image. You can upload the image to your Media Library using the button in the module and use that URL. Or if you host the image elsewhere, paste in the relevant URL.

Also, remember to add alt text for your image to describe it — this also has SEO benefits.

You can clone unlimited copies of the Canva module — or any other — with LabGenerator, which is included when you join, and make high quality responsive layouts fast!

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