Yes I DO take naps…thank you ;-)

I take a nap every day.

Usually between 2 and 4 and for about 25 minutes.

There, I said it…and I am proud of it.

Why bother telling you?

Because for about three years, I was struggling every afternoon after lunch with what I believed to be some form of anxiety or depression symptoms.

No matter what I did that morning, my sleep the night before, or what I ate for breakfast, I started to feel “different” right after lunch.

Not sad, not angry, not nervous exactly. Just “cranky.” Like something was bothering me but I could not put my finger on it.

Fortunately, I am a big believer in A/B testing what works to optimize my daily systems, so I started keeping notes every day of my sleep patterns, diet, exercise and more.

About six months after I started tracking there was an “aha” moment.

My youngest son was still in his napping phase at that time, and sometimes I would just curl up next to him after lunch.

Guess which days I had no symptoms?

It is not surprising in hindsight that many of us need a mid-day nap to perform correctly and reset the synapses in our brain (the same ones that control mood!)

Historically humans have been bi-phasic with a dual pattern of sleep and awake during a typical 24 hour period. It is only in modern times that we have adopted a single cycle of wake and sleep

For many historical figures, like Winston Churchill, naps were a public key to their stamina and success.

So, if you try to reach me any afternoon around 2 pm and you get my voice mail, don’t take it personally, I’m only sleeping.

I hope you will be as well!

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