Yeah, it’s something I’ve considered.
Jessica Lam

Fair and totally understandable. You can find a place for less than $1200 but it does take some sleuthing (harder for train access).

Reading the actual “open letter” — the author says “an entire year” as if she could move more quickly than that without the training or experience.

She does seem like she asking for quite a bit, maybe someday that dream can happen. She has vision, dental, and health insurance? I’ve worked at startups where I paid less than $1200 in rent and either had health insurance without dental or no health insurance at all (now that was a little scary).

I too was fortunate to have happened to major in Computer Science although there was a time where I thought I might pick English or who knows what.

Stepping back a bit, it is a tough world: colleges may or may not prepare you for a career, but they’re not always supposed to do that. The opportunity to work at a well-known company with vision, dental, health insurance and free food? Sure the salary isn’t great but as the other commenters point out it is an entry-level job in a competitive job market.

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