Rosary Girl.

Exploration of Godhead.

Spheres of her innocence and drops of God’s blood are strung together and finished off with a large gold crucifix. This she keeps around her neck always. A reminder of her devotion and her place in his kingdom. A symbol of the one who so loved her that he sacrificed his only son for her that glints in the sunlight.

It’s the first thing you noticed. Then her collarbones. Then her lips. Then her eyes. Those black eyes. The rosary around her neck exists in contrast to the one who gave her those eyes. That string of beads and gems isn’t going to be enough to contain the darkness.

No religion, no love would ever be enough to contain that darkness. She faces the trial of a corrupted soul sent back to this earth to do the bidding of a fallen angel. A tortured soul begging to die.

When you run your hand over her head you get goosebumps. She seems to buzz with an energy you can’t place. This both terrifies and delights you.

She lets you get to know her biblically. You become a hierophant. Memorizing the scripture of her entire being. You starve and flagellate to get closer to your new god. None of this pleases her.

You find yourself taming her demons. Your fingers fit in her mouth like the do your favorite pair of gloves. Your hand always finds it way to her neck. You could destroy her if you wanted to, she wants you to, but you refuse.

You have found a new religion. Love is godhead. You are both a king and a beggar at the mercy of the divinity that is currently sitting on your lap and batting it’s lashes at you.