Week 3 — Audiences&Experiences

Source — Ian Bogost (2007) Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. Online at https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/persuasive-games

Source — Child Development Theories and Examples, Online At- https://www.verywellmind.com/child-development-theories-2795068

Game — Tanks, Online At-https://www.mathsisfun.com/games/tanks.html

Educational Games are one of the upcoming genres of games that is making the video games industry more popular amongst organizations and familial areas.

Here we have the users ‘play’ a game, which follows a flow that TEACHES the user a certain activity or concept.

The range of activities or concepts that can be included in this is massive and is one of the reasons for this genre to be flourishing.

In the final year of my bachelor’s, I worked in a team that made an educational game. I would say that the game was partly historical in nature, as the game showcases historical events pertaining to India’s rich history and teaches the player about the important events that occurred through the game’s flow and narrative.

I am also a stern supporter of teaching children through games. The idea of ‘play’ is very natural to young children and using this we can instill small aspects of learning in games that will naturally pass on to the child playing them. This knowledge will be more easily accepted by the kids as it wont be looked at in the perspective of a mundane learning task, rather it is an instrumentally disguised fun activity.

Game —

I chose Tanks as the game to write about because, it is only in recent years I realized the amazing potential this game delivered way earlier than when the video game industry was a properly established sector.

I played this game with my older brother, who always bested me at it. For me it was simply aiming the crosshair to where the enemy tank was, and shoot. But for my brother, he was much more aware of how he could use simple geometry and apply it to the different types of bullets and weapons the game mechanics offered.

In the simplest sense, the game taught the users basic geometry applications. It was not very evident, but when you analyze it even a bit, it becomes clear of the intention.



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Dhruv Jalgaonkar

Dhruv Jalgaonkar

MA Games Design Student at the University for the Creative Arts