Cajun joe’s restaurant are now available in Dubai .

By: Mariam Saeed Junuary 25, 2016

Cajun jouse restaurant will open in Dubai , which is a great chance to taste the amazing flavour in gulf . The resturant will be open on the 9 of September at 7pm .The brunch of the restaurant will be in jumairah beach road ,its located next to The One and near from Dubai marine Resort and Spa .

The origenal place of the Cajun jouse restaurant is located in United State Of America . Most people prefer it because its a fast food restaurant and the special thing that they serve the food with spicy .

Families also would like the Cajun jouse because this restaurant encourage their costumer to to bring in photos of their hot rods or race cars and hang them on our walls ! so people would always have some special moment inside the restaurant .

According to the evaluion of Cajun jouse restaurant is between 4.5 and 4 stars, which means people like there experience in the restaurant .

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