The Fascinating History of Plastic Surgery

First plastic surgery
old news about nose surgery by Michelle Smith

The plastic in surgery doesn’t mean artificial from ancient Greek word “plastikos” , which means to mold or give from . However, Cosmetic surgery intended to be both a medical procedure in order to restore balance and harmony for part or more parts of the human body.

The history of cosmetic surgery a set of experiences that made most successful standards of the time, who conducted it, those initial experiments represent the first nucleus of the current operations of cosmetic sense the first real step in the development of cosmetic surgery for example , Skin grafts, Liposuction, each initial experiments not successful in the history of cosmetic surgery , and Facial cultivation.

World’s First Plastic Surgeries

Walter Yeo, Known as the First Person to Have Plastic Surgery byGrace Murano

The first person to do plastic surgery is Walter Yu, a British sailor during World War, and is often referred to him as the first person known to have benefited from plastic surgery.

Moreover, injured Walter terrible facial damage, including the loss of the upper and lower eyelids, and was treated by Harold Gillies, the man first to use skin grafts in the damaged areas in the body.

In addition, this process is one of the most difficult processes at all at the time, and cosmetic surgeries take at that time, nearly eighteen hours. However, the doctor several cosmetic surgery needs necessary to reach the required level, unlike the operations of our time this process may take a few hours and the results are always positive.

What are the materials used by a plastic surgeon !

Selection of some items used to disguise facial injuries. by DIANA NYAD

Each year plastic and reconstructive surgeons improve the lives of millions of patients with congenital disfiguration such as cleft lip and cleft palate, disfiguring wounds, animal bites, and profound burn injuries, as well as those requiring rebuilding after surgery for damage, or other chronic conditions.

However, There are many tools used by the cosmetic surgeon for example , Botox injections، filler injection، Liposuction in the face and buttocks and Silicon is used for several areas including the chest and face. The skill of the surgeon is more important than the tools used.

The history of plastic surgery
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