Nepali Worker at Zayed University Shares Her Story.

by Eman Amer Alhabsi

Her dreams are more than having a car or wearing nice clothes. Nirmaya Tamag has been working abroad for more than 3 years to take care of her parents and buy a house in Nepal.

Nirmaya Tamag, source: Eman Amer

Her opportunity to work in the ADNH Company as a cleaner in Zayed University was her turning point. “When the company accepts me to work, it change my life because I traveled from my country to another country, another environment and I was introduced to a new culture. I started to work away from home, away from my parents and that was really new to me,” she recalls.

However, she had to disconnect herself from her emotions to stay focused on her goal, to support her family, provide them with their needs.

Nirmaya Tamag, source: Eman Amer

She traveled overseas by herself since she doesn’t have brothers or sisters. Currently, she’s not married but she has future plans to get married once she reaches her goal. Work satisfaction is rare, yet she was so satisfied with her job and grateful to have it, since her job provides her what she needs from food, clothes and hospitalities. “I’m very satisfied. They provide were I live and food and the most important thing is I feel safe and the workers with me most of them from my country, so we know each other,” she said. 
She claims that the environment that she’s working in is not in need of change. Motivation is an important factor in achieving your goals and for her, her family is what’s making her work hard. As a company they will always look for something different and special. However, what made Nirmaya Tamag different is that she dedicates her life to her job and she doesn’t find any problems with spending time more than the average on her work.

Like everyone, Nirmaya has dreams. If she had one wish, she said without a second thought that, “To have my parents with me. Because here in UAE I will take care more and they will be around me every time to know what they want and what they need more.” That shows how simple she is. But she has future plans, which are to continue her education, to buy a house, and to have a stable life with her beloved in her home town.

Nirmaya Tamag, source: Eman Amer

Due to her limitations, however, if she had a chance to change her job she would like to be a teacher, since she likes to help people. She considers safety as an important thing in life. Outside of work, she finds joy in socialising with family, friends. And what gives her limitless joy, is to hear from her parents that they are proud with what she has accomplished.

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