Yemen braces for locust ‘plagu’

Yemen is struggling from the “locust plague” that the scientists are trying to stop by not having any side’s affects to the economy.
 The process of intervention to control was very difficult because the number of obstacles like spraying the pesticides without spreading out and harm the plants and other creatures. A spokesman for the centre Ahmed Al-Eryani say, “This is because pesticide spraying is likely to kill the bee populations crucial to the region’s agriculture and honey production”. Which means the most important is the spraying the pesticides without touch the bees is important because will effect the economy of the country.
 Scientists are warred about how the locust plague is portends a true disaster to the country that means it will affect negatively to the food security in the Yamen and may extend beyond it’s borders like UAE, KSA, Al-Eryni 
 The FAO started eradication effort last week, but Al-Eryani said it is hard to control flying swarms because last year was an unusual abundance of rain, which will lead to outbreak the locusts. This meant the locusts had plenty of plants to feed on, and to lay their eggs. 
 Al-Eryani said,” there is limited access to locust habitats because of the ongoing conflict jeopardises hopes of dealing with this outbreak.”.

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