Interview with a Zayed University security guard

taken by me

There are many security guards who work to help people or keep the environment safe from any dangerous activities. Some of them are private guards who guard an individual person. The security guard who works in Zayed University talked to me when I asked him for a short interview about the job of his role. He is Penned Jansen, a 30 years old man, and he’s from Africa in Uganda. He defined that the major duties of security guards are to protect people and their property. This actually true because security guards seek an individual relief and provide them a safe place where people sleep well and rest without fear.

taken by me

According to him about type of skills required for security guard, “You need to have customer care, the way you handle people, some communication skills are very important, good background about people dispread, so it is good to have knowledge about situations.” This was a new knowledge and experience that I learned from him as a security guard. He also stated that if he is under the crowds or in some difficulties time, he may call other guards to help him and they face the problems and solve it when it happens. He quoted what he said and dealt before when some students were angry toward him, “I only speak to him or her in a polite way, well some of student parked in a wrong place and I told him you don’t park her and he does not respond to me and said no I’ll park here, then the way I talk to him was “please, the university roles and regulations we are not allowed to park here so kindly you can park there”. He clearly meant that whatever he or a security guard face, they have to be patients and try to solve any problems with respect and only by using words not physical force.

In addition, the roles of security guards are to help others and try to make the environment safe when they have clear visibility. He explained that sometimes he cannot solve a problem alone and cannot manage unless he calls external help. Furthermore, in a situation when using a weapon, he said, “I can not use a weapon as a security guard unless it authorized from the government then through the management of the place I’m working in”. In free times during the work, he read some books and he didn’t know anything about night work because he never worked at night shift. Sometimes students may get sick or fall instantly during the work and he replied, “Oh … if I have an opportunity and a chance I would have training to save someone life.”

taken by me

One of his achievement is that he bought a piece of land in his mother home. It is because he got good salary and try to provide peace environment as possible as he can. Moreover, he got a certificate on computer skills because nowadays everything is on computer and someone must have knowledge how to new technologies such as: computers, IPads and Phones. He claimed that about getting new job, “Well currently I’m not, but if it comes in I’ll go for it.” He also clarified that because he receives income, he is so proud of his job and he is satisfied to have this job. He had an option to choose this job and he got it and now he is doing well. To sum up, the roles of security guards are to secure the environment, where they work, and provide people a safe place so that people can depend on them.

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