Yemen braces for locust ‘plague’

Copyright: Panos/ Dieter Telemans

There is a dangerous phenomenon called “locust plague” start to spread in Yemen, and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned that it may reach to neighboring countries including Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iran.

The scientist in Yemen tried to do any inventions and solutions to stop this locust and they used pesticides to kill these Plague, but unfortunately they failed.

However, as Ahmed Al-Eryani, a spokesman for the center explained that the pesticides will kill the bee populations crucial to the region’s agriculture and honey production, and then it will affect the economy.

In addition, the wars that happened in Yemen is also the second reason that they couldn’t do any thing to stop it, because the war destroyed lots of places and their financial challenges had decreased.

According to the FAO, a small swarm may have the ability to cover one square kilometer and hold approximately 40 million locusts, and can eat lots of food in a day as 35,000 people are eating.

Therefore, this locust plague as they said is very dangerous and they failed to stop it, so we should start and prepare some solutions to help them, because it’s related to our country “UAE” and it may affect us if we don’t erase it “the locust plague”.

This piece was produced by SciDev.Net’s Middle East & North Africa desk.