Journey about an Immigrant Arabic Woman

By : Meera Alhosani

I had met an Immigrant girl that left her country, discussed the conflict in Yemen, She shared with me the adventure and the moments in details in her migratory journey and how it changes and affect her.

Mai left her country while the war to United Arab Emirates, The migratory was not easy to her “Honestly it was the most terrifying experience I have ever been through”, Mai was lucky She had relative in Abu Dhabi as she was able to stay with them through this hard time, In the beginning Mai explained the trouble she faced while living in a new place because of the differences between the living in UAE and Yemen. “Life in UAE is highly developed, the country is full of entreating sources not like Yemen, yet life in Yemen is special of its simplicity, the way people live and enjoy is just full of simplicity and pureness” Mai Says.

Source: Yemen, Aden City. Mai’s Instagram Account

As the conversation developed with Mai I started asking her more personal questions, like how such an experience changed her personality, what is she really like, what are the plans she made for her working life, what motivates her to continue her life after such a change she said “I think motivation comes from the inside of a human, yet the good work environment, a cooperative team; a supportive manger is always an additional motivation “

I wanted to ask Mai about the kind of advices she would give to younger teenagers in order to organize their life and achieve their dreams, we also talked about social media and its effects on people now days, we moved on to where she sees her self in ten years and what would she change in her life and this world, knowing what Mai actually likes and dislikes about her self made me know what kind of a person she is, the difficulties she faced and every advice she would give to younger teenagers.

What surprises me about Mai is her deep answers, most of her answers were un-expected and unusual as I asked her about her role model and her answer was astonishing “my role model is actually any human who was able to achieve his dreams and didn’t allow obstacles to stop him from being what he dreamed of”

What I liked about Mai is the way she sees life brightly despite all the difficulties she is facing and the situation her country is going through adding on that the fact that she hadn’t seen her parents for almost two years now, yet that didn’t stop her from starting a new life and have a carrier and a family as she answered my question about where does she see her self in ten years saying “I think I see myself married with two kids maybe, a good job basically settled “ Mai values friendship a lot as she it was obvious through her answers about the effects of friends and good company and how they are able to motivate a person.” Mai Says.

Source: Mai’s Family, Her Instagram Account

I ended the conversation asking Mai if she considers herself a happy or an un-happy person “Happiness is a none measured feelings, a status that can be changed according to circumstances and the mood, so being un-happy sometimes is normal and it is actually a must in order to value happiness” this answer actually made me actually reconsider my vision about life and made me value everything I have and lost.

Source: Mai’s Picture

In Conclusion, You might wonder why did I actually choose Mai, there was many reasons but mostly is the fact that I wanted someone close to my age, some one who has faced a difficult circumstances yet still holding tight into life, some one who would made me value and appreciate what I own and I have here in my life, she advised saying “since life gets harder as we grow, more responsibilities and more obstacles, so my advice is to live life day by day and stop worrying about the future, as the famous novel says ( Eat, Pray and Love)”.