A Survivor From 2004 Tsunami

Mashael AlMarzouqi — October 31, 2016

About ten years ago on 26 December 2004, a massive earthquake struck the coastal area off northern Sumatra in Indonesia. These earthquakes triggered tsunamis that affected Indonesia and neighboring countries in Asia, causing serious damage to the effected countries.

An estimated 250,000 people were dead, the majority of them were women and children and millions more have been displaced or homeless. One of the effected families was the family of Fhira Samson.

The damage from the tsunami was particularly severe which forced a lot of families to send their teenaged girls to work abroad and gain money to repair their houses and to increase their living source of income.

Fhira had to start working from the age of 15 due to tsunami, which damaged her house and her dad’s farm, moreover it led to the loss of her father. After her father’s death, no one from her family or her relatives could have afforded the payment for her education.

Fhira worked for 14 years till today. She first started working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 5 years and now its is her 9th year to work in the Uniter Arab Emirates. She was asked about the worries she had before working abroad. “I heard stories about people going to work in gulf countries and they came back with bruise, or they were not treated well, but I had to face my fears and help my family.” Says Fhira.

Fhira is now 29 years old and she is a mother of a 10 year old boy. She says “the reason I came to work is that i don’t want my son to face difficulties in his life. I want him to continue his studies and grow up to be the man i want him to be”.

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