The United Arab Emirates is sending a spacecraft to Mars

A new space agency is created in the UAE, which aims to send a spacecraft in time to reach Mars by 2 December 2021.

Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan UAE President told the Emirates News Agency in July that: “Our goal is to enter the aerospace industry sector, utilise space technology to enhance development and work to build up a cadre of Emiratis specialising in this field”.

Everyone is convinced that the UAE is able explore or examine this very soon; however, experts have doubts Mohamed al-Awsat al-Ayari, a Tunisian aerospace engineering and astronomy expert at the University of Colorado, United States. Says that “It is not easy,” In addition “Countries that have been pioneers in space science have been afflicted with major problems and their missions sometimes failed” despite tremendous capabilities and funding.

Moreover, In 1999, US space organization NASA declared it had missing get in touch with wtwo Martian tasks as they reached the globe. 50 percent of the spacecraft sent to Mars failed their tasks, such as those sent by Chinese suppliers and Asia, says Ayari.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice-president of the UAE, told the Emirates News Agency: “Arriving at Mars is a big challenge, [but] when we stop taking on bigger challenges we stop moving forward.”

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