A passion that can literally lift you up.

A 22-year-old woman should know how to express herself by now. Ayesha can’t really express her emotions, she keeps them hidden which people can perceive her as an introvert.

She is a young women who sees life as a wave. Whatever comes her way she tries to experience it to the fullest. Experiencing different hobbies and interests in life is what made her grow as a person.

Trying to find out what interests her in life was a struggle at first. Talking about hobbies, she was not very consistent or had the will or passion to stick to one thing at a time.

Horse riding started out as a passion for her when she was in her lowest lows in life. This hobby not only lifted her spirits up but it also made her a much stronger person.

A hobby is something that interests a person where the person actually enjoys it. She thought that horse riding would still be a hobby until she started taking it more seriously. She started learning more about show jumping in the field of horses and she absolutely loved the techniques of it.

What began as a simple fun hobby started to become something that she can’t go a day without. Other than hobbies, we could say that she is a person who is willing to do anything for the people she loves.

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