“Warehouse 421” A hidden gem found in Abu Dhabi

Warehouse 421 is an exhibition space in Abu Dhabi’s port area of Mina Zayed. It is truly a gem that has been found in Abu Dhabi. A glass warehouse where the sun comes through the windows showing the art pieces in such a clear light is an amazing way to capture the beauty of art.

The pieces seen there were quite interesting since it was very different and unusual. Who knew that finding out about a place that has been there since 2016 and just recently discovering it would be this exciting. The real question is why don’t people know much about this amazing warehouse, why is it not hyped as much?

The unusual part that makes Warehouse 421 different is the fact that it is in a warehouse whereas most art pieces that we see in different places would be in museums or exhibitions. The big idea of it was warehouses are transformed to become a platform for artistic expression, understanding, and further development of the UAE’s creative community.

It has been designed to support local creative talent while providing a gentle, community focused introduction to the arts in all their variety. The conversion of Warehouse421 has been seen by the Salama bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation as part of its mission to support the growth of the arts and cultural scene in the UAE.

“Reborn every five minutes” — by Fatima Ghazal
— by Maitha Abdalla
The hidden gem of Abu Dhabi — Warehouse 421
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