Science building

My name is Haseeb. I studied my from Forman Christian College (F.C.C). Many different subjects were taught at my college. Each subject had a different building assigned to it. The buildings were referred to as blocks. I studied at D, B, C and S block.

There was a botanic garden in the college. students were only allowed with special permission as it was meant for Botany class students. There were different kinds of flowers present in the garden. Some of the flowers present required special care for growth. These plants were brought from different areas of the country especially northern areas, as well as from abroad. Different kinds of trees bearing beautiful fruits were also present in the garden. There was also a pond in the garden which contained different Algae, Fungi and water plants. One of the most beautiful plants was a water lily of purple color.

There were two cafeterias in my college. One of them was meant for university students and other was for students. Students used to gather at cafeteria during the breaks from lectures and to discuss about studies or to just talk about the upcoming movies or to discuss each other plans. There was also a book shop beside cafeteria. Seating arrangement was also present. All of my class fellows used to gather there to discuss the upcoming tests and current problems of the education system.

One of the most important buildings of my college was library. Its name was EWING MEMORIAL LIBRARY. It had 3 floors of books. Computer generated library cards were used to issue a book and computer cataloguing system was used. Different sections were present on each floor. Ground floor consisted of Encyclopedias and maps of world and detailed maps of different cities of Pakistan. There was also section of history books present on ground floor along with Islamic studies section. The first floor consisted of books of different languages and other ARTS subjects. There was also a section of books on sociology and economics. Other higher floors consisted of books from science subjects and MATHS books. The books were all very well maintained and one book was issued for a maximum period of 2 weeks only.

There was a good arrangement for extracurricular activities in college. A stage was present in E block where dramas and debates competitions occurred. A ground was also present with 3 pitches for Cricket. Football ground was also present. Swimming pool was also present at backside of D block building. Students had to register themselves for using the swimming pool which was free. Different societies were also present in college. Of these the important ones were the Debating society and literary society. Bio society was also a good society and worked for research articles to be published regarding biology. Joining to these societies was encouraged by the teachers and a certificate stating the society was given to the student on completion of his course.

Discipline was a priority at my college. Every student was required to wear the proper uniform and show the college I.D. card at all times. Attendance was to be maintained at 80%, otherwise student was required to pay fine or his admission was not sent to board for examination. Teachers used to observe the students during class and their reports were prepared by them. Late comers were also fined by the college, so almost everyone tried to arrive at the exact time. Examinations of college were conducted in the university building and by the university staff. No cheating was allowed so as to maintain the higher standard of education.

At the centre of the college was a beautiful Church. The church opened on Sundays for Christian students and staff. Church was beautifully decorated and there was a great statue of Isa (A.S.) on the front wall, hanging on a cross. Candles were lit in front of it. I only entered the church in two years of my attendance at college; we were all busy with our studies. The church building was designed in old fashioned way but from looks it appeared that it was maintained. It had a clock in the centre of its wall and it was painted in light red color. On entering there was a hall and on the right hand were stairs for climbing upwards. A mosque was also present in the college, on the backside. It had a small entrance which leads into the mosque. It contained an open ground of white marble and there was also arrangement for performing ablution. Leading from the ground was a hall for performing prayer in congregation.

There was residence at the backside of college meant for college staff. It was restricted for students and we were only allowed after permission. The houses were well built and each was differently designed. The buildings allotted to professors were a Villa type while those allowed to other were just regular houses. There were grounds around the residential area and swings and other stuff for children were also present.

Now, talking about my own experience at college I had a great experience with my teachers and students alike. My teachers were very kind always trying to teach us something worth learning. They not only taught us how to get grades but also the very important lessons one need to lead a happy life. They taught us the importance of respecting others and also the importance of standing up for truth. My friends on the other hand also had a great and healthy effect on me. With them I learned how anyone can make up his own social life. We shared our experiences with each other and learned about other aspects of life we were blind to. We shared passions of each other and wondered together what we will become in our future. At times we will become disappointed about our then unknown future and our teachers will tell us not to lose hope and keep trying. We were always allowed to ask any query to our teachers and were always welcomed. They will give us extra time and take extra classes to teach us some difficult concept or just revise a class if we asked. Our practical work was also given due importance. Everyone had to perform the practical by himself and submit to teacher otherwise his attendance was not marked. We had best equipment at our disposal and we were also allowed extra time to practice in the lab and to revise the practicals. It showed us the importance of things we learned and also how to use them practically. We actually enjoyed during those practicals as we were able to relate the theoretical knowledge with practical one. We also made fun in the labs and one time, one of the students made a very smelly gas in chemistry lab and we got that lab free, as no one was able to enter the lab. On that day we all played cricket during the free period. Other than the sports week we also had regular matches of football and cricket. Although I never participated in any of them during the sports week but on usual days I played with the team just for enjoyment and not for winning. In the conclusion I can only say that I had a wonderful time during my college and I miss those days. I learned a lot from college and for me it is the best college in the world. At times I still think of those days and smile our things me and my friends used to do. I just wish that time shouldn’t have passed so fast and should have enjoyed more at my college.

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