Horses and happiness

40 kilometers qualifying race.

I click with horses to the point where I believe they can hear me, read my mind, needs, thoughts and respond. They can easily read my body language. Sometimes when I feel down, no words can describe why I am feeling this way; horses can simply feel my mood and would listen to me. They are very social but non-verbal. They complete me. Just being around them brings me joy and fulfills me. I was born loving horses and started begging for one from the time I could talk. My dream came true, I named her India. I named her India because she is very pretty and fit; she had fascinating eyes and long brown hair. I took so much care of her; I trained her very well till she got qualified in my races, 40 and 80 kilometers. She had the perfect features what a horse usually needs.

When I used to feel hopeless or depressed I would just want to have a ride somewhere empty in the desert or by the beach to relief my stress. Just the two of us being together makes me feel way better. Only another horse lover would understand the joy that just being with her brings me. If you can’t afford a horse of your own, how about checking the local stable in your area and offering to clean stables in exchange for riding lessons. Alhazm stable is where I trained my horse for years, they have good services and they have taken a good care of India. Keep in mind that you don’t just need a horse to ride, you need a horse to last and stay safe too, just like you.

80 kilometers qualifying race
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