Horse riding tips

Riding a horse is not just a hobby or an entertainment, it is more like taking care of a living soul. Its an animal that takes you over its back, taking care of it is a must.

It is important for us to use our hands and arms to balance us when we start to feel insecure. Beginner riders often end up with their hands way up in the air, sometimes at shoulder height. This leaves the reins much to long, and the rider then has no control of the horse. Or, the rider allows the reins to slide through their hands and lifts their hands to make contact, rather than shortening the reins.

A short video is uploaded below, show some quick tips how to ride a horse and what do we usually need to feel comfortable riding a horse.

“How to ride a horse”

This image is simply showing how a rider should have a proper seat on a horse to have the best ride.

The dynamic of the seat

This picture shows the exact steps for having a great ride, and it also shows you that a horse could be affected by its rider’s seat. The point of this picture is to keep in mind that we need to learn how to keep our horse safe and healthy.