Love addiction

He threw words like stones

Hitting the fragile body of a sinner woman…

And I knew, he was off duty that day

Nothing would be forgiven!!

Sat there, screaming and shouting

A voice of another woman, wishing to be heard

Her cry so familiar and her tears my regular drinks

Had she listened when they said don’t do drugs?

Because I have inhaled you for twelve months

And each breath I take reminds me with the burning in my lungs.

I have tried to dry my veins off you

But nothing can get ready of a deadly poison like you.

Don’t you dare judge me! Every girl wants to be someone’s life biggest treasure.

And this is the only reason why? When am almost……almost about to recover

I relapse back to this addiction……

I can’t lie! Sometimes I wake up at night sweating and shaking….

Sweet dreams of you and i.

I lack concentration without you

It seems like the first dose I took of you was a binding vow

You and I until rehab set us apart.

You have made me so memorable

My addiction story will serve as nightmares to little kids.

Mothers will use my story to lecture their youngsters off their indecency.

I am on a dying point, seriously; if I had a pusher man

No millions could make him push anymore love to me.

There is no room for lying anymore

This love addiction doesn’t feel like birds and butterflies at all.

Sometimes I sit trying to study

Thoughts of us start hijacking my mind and enslaving it in pain

Causing me to shake, pleading: God, please! Make it stop!

I tremble like a cocaine taker, who has just missed his injection.

The distance between my dose takings drives me mad!

Making my blood rush hot with words

My tears rundown ocean rivers of ideas to my once dried up poetry stream

This fingers involuntarily dances to the words this pain have brought to my pen

And I ask myself… something so horrible that ever happened to me?

Be the best thing that ever happened to my poetry?

I am Sakhumzi Qayiyana and I am an addict…….

Written by S.T Qayiyana

Date: 04 June 2015

Finished: 22:56 pm