Past three months

Home stay

My host mother has many friends. Her friends often visit her. Sometimes, they talk to me and I listen to their history. One person is from French. She was never able to speak English. But she studied very hard. Now, she can speak English as well as Kiwi. It was so interesting. I like to talk with my host mothers friends.


Tauhara college has many types of event. On Valentine’s day, student councils gave us some balloons. It was so cute. On Easter day, they came all rooms in class with a rabbit and gave us chocolates. It is nice, isn’t it?


In New Zealand, people don’t say dinner. They say tea. When I heard that for the first time, I didn’t understand. I wonder we drink some coffee and eat some cookies. But it was not collect. And they don’t say a candy. They say a lolly. I think it sounds more cute than candy. Kiwi English have some differences between American English. But I like Kiwi English because these are so pretty 💗.

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