Pasts 8 months


My host mother had a traffic accident! I don’t know how it was happened but she has got some bruises and her friend’s (who was driving with her) finger is broken. It seems so painful. But she said, she is lucky because she fastened her seat belt. The seat belt save her! I don’t like to fasten my seat belt (but I always do) but I noticed that is very important. I set my heart on fastening seat belt.


I had school holidays for 2 weeks. This holiday, I traveled around New Zealand. First, I visited Aukland with my friend and her family. Aukland is the old capital of New Zealand (now, it’s Wellington). Taup which is my town is very country but Aukland is a big city. There is a lot of shops and some shopping malls. I did shopping a lot so spent too much money..

Then I visited to South Island with my grandparents! I went to Tekapo, Mt. Cook National Park, Queenstown, Rotorua and Waitomo Caves. These were great!!! I was very excited and I enjoyed all of tourist spot. I really appreciate my grandparents to take me travel.

I made Katsudon with my kiwi friends. That was quite hard but I made it very well. A few days later, one of my friend who made it with me showed me a picture. The picture is Katsudon!! She made it at her house😆 I felt so happy because she liked it and made it! I want to make more Japanese foods with her😊

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