My Experience In and With GO-JEK

Hey!! this is my summer internship experience in GO-JEK, Indonesia’s first unicorn startup and this is my first blog, bear with me:)

How Into GO-JEK?

First of all, I would like to start with how I got the opportunity to work with GO-JEK. In the month of September, I suppose, we were having continuous interviews for summer internships like most of the IIT’s. During that time, a new company, GO-JEK became the attraction of the mob due to its extremely generous package.

Unlike the other companies, they had only two rounds one aptitude test and then the interview. The interviewers were very chill that I wouldn’t got regretted the time spent with them in the interview even if I got rejected because I got to learn a lot from these guys in a very short time.

Unlike others, I was interviewed only by one person. He took me on the stairs, we sat on the stairs and he asked me some questions about myself and my projects and I distinctly remember one question related to chrome history, I guess you know why :). It was more like a conversation between us and not at all like a conventional interview. I never knew during that time that I was actually being interviewed. I was quite surprised with the interview process and while I was still in that surprise mode I was told that my interview was completed and BOOM!! I was selected!!! Yayyyy!! At that point I didn’t know that there are more surprises ahead:)

My First Day

On 20th May 2018, I flew from Delhi to Bangalore to start my most awaiting Internship. The company has arranged for our transport from the airport to the flat where we had to stay for the following two months. After a journey of more than an hour, I have reached to my flat along with five others(interns). Till then I didn’t have any impression on GO-JEK, but after entering the flat Bang!! The first word I used was Ohhhhh!! Believe it or not first impression is the best impression.

You would never imagine that a company would provide such a beautiful flat in such a beautiful place for interns and that too for two months. We are provided with everything we require, from shampoo to AC, from a gym to a swimming pool and many more that, you could even imagine!!!

The following day, started my Internship. We were given a kit and a DREAM laptop which everyone would love to have. Yes, It’s the latest mac pro!! After that, we were assigned to different teams and I was assigned to GO-FOOD team which is the coolest team in GO-JEK(at least for me). Our mentor introduced us to the team and showed us our table. In GO-JEK you usually see a lot of diversity in every team which is not the case with many other companies.

Work Culture

The first thing you will love and hear a lot about GO-JEK is the work culture. They encourage pair programming a lot and you come to see a lot of advantages to that. There are no fixed rules about the timings, as it is flexible with the team and the company doors are opened 24/7 for the employees to work. Each team will have their own tables but you are allowed to sit anywhere in the office.

Assigning you to a team doesn’t mean that you are stuck to that team, In GO-JEK a lot of inter-team discussions, exchanges happen very frequently which helps one learn different things and grow.

Every Team will have a standup daily where everyone has to say what they have done in the previous day and what they will be doing so that everyone will come to know what is going on in the team which is very important. Besides these, the company encourages everyone to give talks, to write papers and funds you completely for conferences(what else would one wants😎).

In GO-JEK everyone is reachable to everyone. If you want to talk to a TL or PM, you have to just ping him/her in the slack and they will reach you. Many times, they will be sitting just beside you:).

Apart from these, things which I love the most in GO-JEK are the Team parties, free Pantry(24/7), Recreation room(if you think that you are the best FIFA player, I pity you cause you will find pros there!!), and the Lunch. Every day you will be served with 10’s of different dishes and a special dish. When it comes to Parties!! Who would miss them? In a span of two months, I have experienced nine different kinds of parties(that’s a big number! Dude!) sponsored by the company.

Learning Experience

On the very first day, I realised that I know very little(so sad😢). I was basically more into algorithms, Data Sciences and not at all into tech tools in my college. So I took some time to catch up with the team and they are very supportive that they never unmotivated me at all. With there help and support, I have got to learn many things.

We used to have meetings mostly in the evenings with one of the Team members where he asks questions for which I obviously don’t know the answers. In GO-JEK they assume that you(intern) have zero knowledge and help you from the start. They push you to learn different things, tools. Every day, our mentor used to ask and give questions to us for which we had to find answers on our own from any source and had to discuss with him in the next session.

Earlier in my college, for everything, I would go to YouTube or used to search on google. If I couldn’t find a direct solution there, then I would go to one of my friend’s or professor and ask him for the solution. But here, it is not the case. No one will tell you the solution in your learning stage, they only tell how to find them. You have to try on your own. This made me start reading Blogs, Github issues, Books and pushed me to post questions on StackOverflow, Quora, and what not!!

We also had talks every evening, given by the interns on any tech topic and I always used to pity the one who is giving the talk, cause if you are not confident about your talk, you will be rained with a lot of questions. Frankly speaking, the audience will kick your Ass. Even though I hated these sessions but after a few weeks, I was in a position that I know at least something about every tech tool. I too gave a talk on Distributed Systems and yeah!! It went well:).

In GO-JEK all the interns became very close that we go to the office together, leave the office and Of course party together. Whenever we meet in the pantry or recreation room we share a lot of knowledge like what are we working on and what tools are we using, and how are they used etc.

When it comes to off-site, I got the opportunity to attend two of them. One is of the company’s and the other is of the team’s. These happen at five-star hotels(🤩) where I interacted with many people and shared my views, ideas and also got the opportunity to listen to many others. Offsite parties are the best parties! you get to talk to everyone including CTO’s too.

Apart from the tech, GO-JEK taught me how to work in a big team, how and where to find solutions for a problem, how to approach and tackle a situation, ask a doubt even if it so silly, to attend talks, and also helped me to improve my inter-personnel skills and a lot-lot more!!

I still remember that I was not able to answer correctly about what is the difference between git and Github on the first day. I would suggest thinking before you ask me the same question now, cause I can give a one hour talk(😝) on it. Thanks to my mentor and teammates who kept on encouraging me.

After reading all this, one may ask me that, Did you get any time to do what you want? For them, I would say that I have learned two new games, Pool, Foosball and went to two trips and completed a mini personal project.

I would love to share my project journey in another blog. Trust me, it’s a crazy journey and Yes! we have built a service which can serve 500k images per minute on the run.