How to Maintain Front Loading Washing Machine

1) Use high quality detergent: To keep your clothes clean, use high efficiency detergent powder. It is also important for your front loader. Using non high efficiency or low quality detergent can cause suds and a weird smell. Over time, regular use of low quality washing powder, can build up suds and mold which are harmful for your clothes and washer.

2) Wash in hot water: Wash your clothes in cold water can save you time and money, but wash in hot water can save you the future expenses. Cold water is not enough to kill bacteria and germs that build up in your front loader due to the use of low quality detergent. To clean your washing machine, run a cup of bleach through your empty washing machine with a hot water.

3) Clean the drain pump: Every front loader washing machine have a drain pump with a filter inside. Coins, hair, debris, and ling can end up there. Do not allow lint or debris to build up inside the drain pump and you can eliminate the habitat problem easily.

4) Clean with baking soda: Take four cups of hot water and add four tablespoons of baking soda. Saturate a piece of clean sponge with this solution and wipe down the inside surface of your washer. After that close the door and run the washing cycle to complete the cleaning process.

5) Wipe down the gasket: Cleaning gasket on a regular basis is crucial to keep your front loader in working condition and smell free. You can use a clean towel and rug to clean the rubber gasket of your washer.

6) Professional help: After trying every possible way to clean your washer, if it still smells, you need to call a washing machine repair professional. A qualified technician has a capability to solve your problem with professional manners.

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