Why your writing is valuable

I love writing. Before I got my own macbook and got familiar with the feel of the keyboard, a blank paper and pen meant the world to me. It was a space of free expression where I could go on about whatever I wanted, without judgement or hesitation. Through various phases of primary and middle school, I maintained a diary where I carefully articulated each day. This diary was so personal to me. I poured out energy and emotions of varying levels into this notepad and gained that inner satisfaction. Last year I began a Wordpress blog which was an evolved extension of these diaries I had maintained. As I gained comments and followers, my confidence and enthusiasm as a writer grew as well.

Just recently, however, I noticed that most successful or best selling stories were those of heroism, courage, or the classic rags-to-riches story. As you must have heard before,

Actions speak louder than words.

The way I had initially understood it was such that the writer of a successful non fiction novel or self improvement piece of writing should have gone through some kind of struggle themselves. Consider bestsellers I am Malala or The Diary of a Young girl. These writers have lived through remarkable experiences and gained immense fame through these. Their quotes and life advice come from these experiences. Is there a required level of experience that writers should have gone through to be qualified to write personal development articles, or to write at all?

Nope. There isn’t. Each individual undergoes personal challenges and accomplishments, yet perceives emotions which are universal. Blogging helps generate waves of empathy while giving larger insights into social or political happenings. The identity and opinion of every blogger gives us a larger truth which we cannot know of through primary experience, and being an active blogger can connect us to what’s happening in the world today.

Even Shakespeare had to learn his ABC’s. You have every right to express your emotion and thought as the next nobel prize winner, so don’t hesitate with putting your words forward.