Trump promised to save entitlements. His budget director pick wants him to break his vow.
Aaron Rupar

If Representative Mulvaney was serious about protecting these social programs that benefit millions of Americans, he would eliminate the earnings cap on the social security tax. An have the FICA Taxes on investment income as well. Without earnings caps. This would go a long way in making these vital social programs financially sound into the future. The other part of making these programs strong well into the future, is to form a national health care system, single payer, for all the nation, with wage and price controls. This would eliminate insurance company overhead. An greatly reduce the fraud and abuse in the delivery of health care to the nation.

If this sound reasonable to you, please contact your federal representatives in congress and let them know how you feel. The federal programs, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are vital to the lives of millions of Americans. They must remain federal programs!

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