Cyber Security

A job that interests me that relates to technology is being a Cyber Security Engineer for T-Mobile. This job is very appealing to me because I can help T-Mobile improve on their security and make sure to find any faults too. If I can find faults in and fix their security then it will really only benefit me because I have had T-Mobile as a provider all my life and want to make sure I am getting the best protection I possibly can. Some of the requirements that you should have before applying are Enterprise Core Competencies; at least 2–4 of experience in security technology; Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills; Being self-motivated; Being able to plan and organize tasks; and knowledge of current technological trends. If I am able to get a job like this then I can also help people and help look after them like how I want to be looked after.

A topic that I am interested in is Penetration Testing, or the attempt to evaluate the security of an IT structure bt trying to exploit vulnerabilities. This topic grabbed my attention because being able to get paid to find exploits in systems sounds fun since I get to see if the website I might use is safe or not. Also if I end up using a website and I get to penetration test it then I can make sure my information is safe and also make sure the website doesn’t have ant exploits that people can use to get other people’s information without their consent. Ever since I was little I wanted to understand how people were able to exploit website and be able to release confidential information to the world. For example, I wanted to know the steps needed to be able to access and find the exploits of a website.

Another topic that I am interested in is Bug Bounty Hunting, or getting paid to find vulnerabilities in software, websites, and web applications. This topic grabbed my attention because getting paid to find vulnerabilities in any organization sounds fun and rewarding. I can make sure and find if there is any bugs in the application/companies that I trust, like Apple, Microsoft, and even in games that I play. When I used to play on the computer a lot, I would go on website that had a lot of bugs and glitches that I was afraid to put my information on the website and need to find a more reliable website, so I want to be able to hunt bugs in websites to make sure that people feel safe leaving their information. I want to learn the basics of how to find bugs in a website and help them be able to fix their bugs.

The last topic that I am interested in is Types of Cyber Security Attacks. This topic grabbed my attention because lately more and more people have been attacked on the internet since the world is slowly starting to transition into a technological world. The most common attack the I have heard recently is Malware because its basically everywhere and I have to make sure that I only open good things without a virus on my computer. When I was smaller and around the time where Minecraft was a popular game, I used to play on a server but, it was down most of the time because of DDoS attacks which is a denial-of-service attack. I want to learn the basics about the main types of cyber attacks like DDoS and Malware. I want to learn how to execute these attacks and also how to make a firewall strong enough to block these attacks.

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