Self respect she paints her face up, to hide the face behind. She wears the expensive clothing done by cheap labor and over priced, because the billboards demands it. The restless sheep are eager to follow, and be stereo-typed into burning a hole into their pockets. The sleek straight hair,the mascara packed eyes. The long false nails, and base to hide the face. The clothes to hide the obvious lumps and bumps, when will you learn? You’re beautiful the way you are, and you’re just a sheep to follow the never ending flock. Don’t you realize individuality make you stick out of the crowd? You trying so hard to be noticed among you’re wasting your money. You’re wasting you’re time, you’re wasting your patience, and wasting YOURSELF. Until you notice, until you realize you’ll only inflict the pain you feel. You’re an individual, no one will ever be like you. You’re unique and original, I hope you realize it all to soon. You’ll be so much happier and realize your stupidity, of trying to be like everyone else.~author unknown


Everyone want “that look”. I don’t think anyone really know what that look is. People try so hard to satisfy others. They are afraid of what they might say or think of them. So they will wear,say, or even act certain ways just to get their acceptance. Some people (not all), will spend hundreds of dollars a month that they don’t have just to have the newest shoes or other materialistic things, because they think that’s what they have to do. People need to be true them selves and stop caring what others may think. As long as they are satisfied how they look others opinions don’t really matter.Also if someone is your true friend they wont care if your clothes are name brand or not. They wouldn't care if you have straight hair or curly. They wouldn't care if you decided to wear make-up every single day or like the natural look.




“Lauren is alone in the dark.She’s naked, sitting cross-legged in her own filth, eyes focused on a sliver of light.It’s all she has, that light.It glows from underneath a locked closet door, and Lauren’s discovered if she stares at it long enough, her mind will open a portal to another place.

Several days after Lauren’s rescue in June 2001, authorities took this photo of the closet where she was held prisoner inside the Hutchins mobile home of Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson. (Courtesy Photo)Doctors say that’s how she survived all the years of starvation and solitude and sexual torture. They call it disassociation — the psyche’s ability to float away from the pain.Lauren calls it her “escape hatch.”It’s been a dozen years since Lauren was rescued from that wretched back room of a mobile home in Hutchins and became known as “The girl in the closet.”News of the case, and the arrest of her mother and stepfather, shocked and sickened the nation.Little Lauren looked like a Holocaust survivor — bloated belly, protruding ribs, arms as big around as quarters — when she arrived in the emergency room at Children’s Medical Center Dallas the night of June 11, 2001.At 8 years old, she weighed 25.6 pounds, the size of an average 2-year-old, and was damaged in ways doctors had never seen.”~ The Dallas Morning News


Child abuse happen everyday in America. Kids are being treated like animals by the ones who are supposed to care and protect them. Some children go through so much torture that they don’t make it, but the ones that do are usually anti-social, suicidal, and/or depressed. The parents usually have some type of issue and decide to take it out on the child instead of trying to resolve it. If you ask some parents that abused their children, whether its sexually, emotionally, or physically, would used the excuse I was stress or we really don’t get along. Child abuse is never acceptable. An estimated 686,000 children are abused every year. No child deserve to end up like “The girl in the closet.”

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