202Creates Announces Spring ’20 Cohort of 9-Week Entrepreneurship Residency Program

Spring 2020 202Creates Residents

Mayor Muriel Bowser Presents 202Creates is pleased to announce its Spring 2020 residents. The 202Creates Residency is a nine-week entrepreneurship incubator and residency for creative entrepreneurs.

The newly structured program includes curriculum, mentorship pairing, featured instruction from leading business and industry professionals, entrepreneur-in-residence office hours, and the culminates itself with a final business presentation.

The Spring 2020 Participants Include:

  • Kristin Adair, is the co-founder and creative director of Unchained Media Collective. She is a documentary filmmaker, multimedia artist and trained attorney, based in Washington, DC. She is deeply committed to collaborative media- and art-making that advocates for the interests of those incarcerated as children and young adults.

The 202Creates Residency is part of a new effort to encourage and support entrepreneurship and business skills for DC creatives implemented under the direction of Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment Director Angie Gates and the recently established Entrepreneur-in-Residence role assumes by Natalie Madeira Cofield, established by the agency.

For more information on the 202Creates residency, please visit www.202creates.com.



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202Creates provides space, resources and promotion to grow the District’s creative economy. To learn more, visit www.202creates.com