2040WORLD: Economic model

Find out how the game economy will work

2 min readDec 20, 2022
2040WORLD: Economic model (pt. 1)

An economic model of the 2040WORLD universe is based on real models originated from the history of humanity. Remember the colonial period? There is a constant struggle for resources in the world around us, and 2040WORLD is no exception.

The game world can be divided into the Old World and the New one.

The Old World

It's a safe and stable area with the main industrial potential. Here you can build enterprises and run businesses.

The New World

These are dangerous and unexplored territories rich in resources that can be mined. Here players can engage in battles with each other and eliminate threats. After the location is cleared, players will be able to set up productions and start earning money by creating in-game items.

How are the locations of the Old and New Worlds related?

2040WORLD: Economic model (pt. 2)

Resources extracted in the New World are sent to the Old World, where they are used for goods production. These goods are purchased by players from the New World since there is no way to create them there — we get a continuous cycle which balances the 2040WORLD economy.

Some players take risks and extract resources, while others buy raw materials and produce goods to be sold at auction later.

Participants buy in-game items created by other players and use them to upgrade their avatars, get some game experience and earn money.

Turning your resources into goods

In 2040WORLD, players will set up production chains to create goods and then make profits.

2040WORLD: Production chains

Some players will be continuously exploring new rings of the station (= “the New World”) and mine resources there. Mined resources will then be transferred to safe and explored rings (= “the Old World”) where production facilities are located (they are limited in number). This is where facility owners and any other players will be able to craft goods to make money.

In order to get the right to construct a building, players will compete in threat elimination, which requires a significant amount of resources and time. A simpler path is to buy construction rights from another player. However, it can cost a lot.


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