Drop pods: Choose your avatar

What are the differences between drop pods?

2 min readOct 29, 2022
2040WORLD: Drop pods

Creating an avatar is a complex process that requires resources and energy, not to mention the cost of licenses owned by corporations. But why give someone your money if you can buy a drop pod and print an unlimited number of avatars yourself using just one resource mined at the station?

Drop pods available to players

There are 3 types of drop pods: green, blue and purple. Each drop pod can only print avatars of the corresponding color.

Drop pods: differences

Purple drop pods are available in very limited quantities. Their owners get more points for levelling up the main features of their avatars. Moreover, such avatars have features that will help the player develop faster and more efficiently.

Blue drop pods are available in larger quantities than purple ones, but their number is still limited.

Green drop pods can print avatars that are less powerful than Purple and Blue ones however they have some unique features that can be quite useful in the game.

Drop pod owners will receive special gaming benefits, their profits will be higher while the costs will be lower, since the drop pod can print as many avatars as you want, which means that you do not have to buy a new avatar every time, paying for it to corporations.


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