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The first time I heard Doris doing color for an NBA game it was a strange experience — it was a massive milestone while at the same time being no big deal. My first reaction was “holy sh!t, is that Doris Burke really doing color? This is the first time I’ve heard a woman doing color for an NBA game and as far as I know is the first time a woman has ever done color for a nationally televised NBA game. Cracks in the glass ceiling!” However, my second reaction was “Doris Burke is a great analyst, so no big deal.”

It was cool that there was no tokenism to it and it overall wasn’t a big story— it was simply an exceptionally qualified person finally getting an opportunity that was well overdue. My daughter and girls all over this country have opportunities that weren’t available to women when I was growing up, and a debt of gratitude is owed to the women in this article who paved the way.

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