Final Advertising Frontier?

…To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before…

In advertising, what have we tried, what have we A/B tested, and what do we know for sure?

We know that certain things work in advertising and promoting a business, product, and service and some don’t, perhaps not yet or not the way we would like them to.

From posting a flyer in Standford university in front of the boy’s dormitory with the writing in big bold letters stating — “SEX” is NOT going to be part of the discussion and after continuing with the relevant message to using rap and hip hop music to sell Cadillacs, advertisers must look for congregations of ideas and minds and today it’s undoubtedly social media.

However, that’s nothing new and everybody got the gist of advertising on social media that being either paid Facebook advertising, which does work, to paid advertising on Instagram, creating communities and so on. Special note on Facebook pages. It’s a great idea, people join of their own free will and based on their interests. Why does it work? Because people spend a lot of time on those, they are interested, they contribute themselves and they like to be heard and considered. Plus it’s just so easy.

But there is a big “BUT” coming. There is one fairly virgin ground that is still yet to be explored and exploited.

You see, tech is dominating the world today, moving and developing at the speed of light, companies doing the unthinkable, small teams creating amazing products that draw people in by the millions.

Take for example, Clash of Clans by Supercell. With revenue of about $2m/ day, over 160,000 people install the game daily, and that’s just on the iPhone. Thus, it just draws more and more people in. It gets their attention and their free time. There are a number of games like that…

Interestingly enough, in 2016, the average age of a gamer was — 35. How about that... So it’s basically people with jobs and families who are looking for a quick getaway. That is the place they go to, remotely. We, as forward thinking creative individuals that we try to be, should follow because for most businesses a 35 year old potential customer would be a tasty piece of cheesecake after you’ve been on the diet for a month or so.

Think about it. So many people spend so much time playing games, especially participating in tournaments and playing against one another. There is a huge social aspect that game companies utilize, the same concept that social media companies utilize. Games bring people together. Make them care.

Customers and just people want to be understood. They want companies to care about things they care about. It’s not just about getting someone’s business, it’s about keeping it, making it sustainable and getting clients to come back specifically to you with their needs and not your competition.

So what is the final advertising frontier? We at @20XXHITS really think it’s games, specifically games for mobile devices.

What we should be doing is engaging with our potential clients and customers on a deeper level in their space and leveraging their precious attention by carefully planting our companies’ names and products in front of them, by socializing with them on a very personal level during their personal time.

Using big data we can find out which games our target audience enjoys more especially taking into consideration their interests, geographical locations and a number of other factors. Remember that different age groups would play different types of games. If you’re running a golf club, perhaps you need to consider getting involved in conversations pertaining to a certain popular golf game either online in forums or straight inside the game.

Now if your target audience is moms with babies than it might be a good idea to partner up with a small game developer and put a few products into the game, since moms are the ones who purchase games for their kids and oftentimes spend a lot of time with them. They will see the message and the image — now that’s brand awareness.

You maximize those efforts, go a different way from everyone else and may just get the advantage or the edge you’ve been desperately seeking.

Here’s a tip. All of this is just food for thought, but if you don’t try and again A/B test, you’ll never know.

Take a look at this.

C.A.T.S. — Crash Arena Turbo Cats
Sniper Fury

We’re quite fond of games ourselves and noticed a growing number of participants just can’t get enough of C.A.T.S. and Sniper Fury. So when we created accounts instead of coming up with some random names we thought why not put the name of our business as a screen name. It’s so simple. The more we play these games ourselves, the more we socialize inside, the higher we rank, the more exposure we get. And that’s just the first step.

So, Social Gaming is slowly beginning to steal thunder from more traditional advertising methods. Bloggers used to call the shots, then it was and still is Vloggers but gamers are slowly but surely creeping into the picture, they are getting approached by agencies to spread the message to the audience that listens to their own.

What we have to do is become one of their own or pay one of their own in their space to drive our brand and product awareness. The more we invest into it, the more we get back. Being a pioneer is never easy but being #1 is so rewarding. So Mobile Game Space is the Final Advertising Frontier. Now, beam me up, Scottie…

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