DRAMA! ❤ the rest of the information

Most people probably have had drama in their life… well, this is probably my biggest stage so far out of ALL of my drama. let me just make a list of things full of drama… ❤

1: boyfriend ❤

2: friend trouble ❤

3: grades ❤

and SO MUCH more but these are the biggest ones. ❤

We will start with my boyfriend, Muffin. Well, it’s not exactly HIM that is causing the drama its just the BOYFRIEND fact. I didn’t realize until now that having a boyfriend is pretty tough and that you don’t realize that a boyfriend shouldn’t be your top priority. I love him so much but it’s hard when you have bad grades, friends who need you, and other things important in life. I guess that’s all I have to say for boyfriends, let’s go to friend problems now. ❤

Well, if you have friends then you’ve probably gone through this before. My friends are going through tough times with me and other people and they feel left out even though I don’t mean to leave them out at all. I love them so much and care for them so much but I am a very social person and when they ask to be alone it’s hard because I want to be near them which causes more problems that not even I can explain. I know they love and care for me too but definitely not as much as I do and they don’t know that cause it’s “mushy” or whatever and they don’t like mushy. I’ll move on to grades now. ❤

GRADES are important and this is kind of a mixture of all three boyfriend, friends, and obviously grades. I am not doing so good with my grades because I get distracted by you know who and also… MEDIUM but I can’t stop writing. I need to figure out BOUNDARIES for myself with my boyfriend so if anyone can comment to help me that’s NOT to break up with him because I love him so much and care for him and he makes me feel like I don’t have to TRY and be pretty or happy because he feels like THE ONE which makes me happy because I've never thought I would get THE ONE ever so ya thx people. ❤

bye now ❤

p.s. ten hearts for ten people this story is for (not gonna name em’)