My visit to the terrain of fantasy: Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, one of the world’s most attracting seven wonders, once you visit it you will never want to forget it.

It was our third day of the CWW (classroom without walls) trip, today we were going to visit Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas. Machu Picchu means “old peak” in Quechua, it is a 15th century Inca site located 2,490 meters above sea level. The Incas built Machu Picchu around 1450, but abandoned it a century later at the time of the Spanish Conquest. Machu Picchu was discovered in 1911 by the American historian Hiram Bingham. Machu Picchu is a phenomenal whereabout, the amount of tourists that visit Machu Picchu on a daily basis is unpredictable.

To get to Machu Picchu we first travelled to Aguas Calientes by Peru Rail which is a train transportation company, when we got to Aguas Calientes we got on buses that drove us for about fifteen minutes to a restaurant called “The Sanctuary Lodge” that was down near the entrance to the hike up to Machu Picchu. While being on the bus we saw many differing landscapes, we saw a variety of trees of all sizes and tones of green, a diversity of plants and flowers. All the trees were unalike hues of chartreuse, sage, olive, myrtle, and fern. However the flowers that most stood out to me were the bromeliads and orchids, the colors I perceived were vivid tonality of carnation, thulian, iris, and perrywinkle. When we finally disembarked the bus, all of us stumbled to the entrance of the restaurant and lined up, once inside the restaurant each one of us got a chance to get some food before the fatiguing hike that was coming ahead.

What to bring:

  • Rain poncho or umbrella.
  • Snacks (granola bars, nuts, etc.)
  • Bottle of water
  • Chapstick with SPF
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Hair ties
  • Hand sanitizer or towelettes
  • Bug spray
  • Hat or cap
  • Camera or phone
  • Money in amounts (coins preferably)
  • Lemon candy
  • Gum (optional)

What to wear:

  • Pants (leggings, Cuzco pants, khakis, or jeans)
  • Short sleeve shirt
  • Light sweatshirt
  • Impermeable coat windcutter
  • Ankle length socks
  • Running shoes


  1. Listen and follow your guide at all times.
  2. Take small breaks in between hikes, during those breaks drink water, eat a snack or lemon candy, reapply bug spray, sunscreen, and chapstick.
  3. Take pictures.

After a fifteen minute worth hike we finally got to a small “mountain” below the Huayna Picchu, the view in front of us was truly unforgettable, having Machu Picchu mountain right before my eyes was truly something I had never imagined to see before. Something I will not forget was the fact that during the time we spent at Machu Picchu we also had the opportunity to tour around the site, we went to different temples, we saw llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and chinchillas. At Machu Picchu we approximate spent two hours touring, once those to hours had passed we went down back to where the buses were and left for the train station. Once we had arrived back to the train station we all lined up into our advisories and started boarding the train wagons. As I was looking out through my window watching the landscape change as we got farther away from Aguas Calientes, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I am and was to have toured and explored the city my ancestors built many years ago.