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  • Why do you think it is so important to collect data?
  • I think that it is important to collect data because that way you can avoid your business failing and you can see what your costumers want and what you can change. This also helps your business to be successful farther on.
  • How has this experience shaped your understanding of what goes into starting a new business?

It has benefited me a lot since I learned that to start a business you don’t inly have to start it but you have to do farther research about the competitors business so that you can be better.

  • What are your final recommendations about marketing and selling this new product? This should include:

To let everyone know that you have that business and where to find you.

  • Price suggestions; 50, 100, 150 pesos
  • Competitors and their price specifics;

Girls from other grades are selling slimes and they are being selled at 50, 150 pesos each.

  • Evidence from the survey and outside research to support this insight.
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