Blog entry 1

Analyzation of the spreadsheet:

What type of slime would you like to buy?

41.2% chose option 1

Would you buy this product?


58.8% yes

13.7 No

25.5 Maybe

How much would you pay for a slime?

47.1% =100 pesos

11.8% = 150 pesos

7.8% = 200 pesos

2% = 250 pesos

31.4 = other

Have you used slimes before?

92.2 Yes

7.8 no

Would you like this product to take your stress away?

82.4 = No

13.7 = Yes

3.9 = Other

In a scale from one to ten how stressed are you in school?

Most of the people answered from 8–10 so this means that a lot of people get stressed in school becuase of their homework and they need something that helps them not stress out.

If you could change something of our project what would you change?

Lastly, we had this last question and every person ansered that theyd din’t have any further comments about our product.

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