Ecology Project Blog #1

Measurable goals:

  1. What are your goals? My goal this week is to finish all of my research regarding my topic which is the Arctic Tundra. By November 3rd I want to have to finish all of my research which will include population, flora and fauna, climate and global warming. After this date I want to start creating the graphics and drawings which will encompass all of the mathematical information I found.
  2. How will you measure your progress and achievements? I will measure my progress by completing one of the four topics (population, flora and fauna, climate and global warming) everyday. I will complete one each day from here to November 3rd. This way I will not have a huge amount of work each day, but a reasonable amount that will help me progress and learn everyday.

Documentation of your time and your readings, which should encompass 25% of your time spent:

  1. Include citations from specific sources. 1. 2. 3.
  2. Provide an explanation of how these have informed your project. The first source gives me useful information about the climate, the flora and fauna and global warming in the Arctic Tundra. The second source gives me more mathematical information. It includes the precipitation, the temperature and some graphs that demonstrate the information. The last source informs me on the main characteristics of this biome. It also has some information on flora and fauna and on the temperature in the Arctic Tundra.