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The Next Big Social Media Platform is Here. Here’s the Verdict

I was poking around a few nights ago on Snapchat going through people’s stories. I landed on this one person who really caught my attention. I went through a few of their snaps before I landed on the snap that might change social media marketing as we know it.

I landed on this one snap which had the swipe up option with the word “Holonis” at the bottom.

I quickly figured out that “Holonis” was a social media platform.

Right off the bat I noticed the massive potential of this platform.

At first glance of this mysterious platform, I knew it had the potential to blow up within the next few years.

I was intrigued, I swiped up and went to check it out. After I created an account, I went to my profile page:

Holonis profile page

One thing I learned early on was the ease of use on the app and the desktop version. After a few minutes of going through Holonis, I learned what exactly the app was meant for and how it could be used.

One thing that really stood out was the fact that you can post pretty much the same content as you can on Instagram.

Holonis separates itself from other social platforms in various places however. This platform is similar but at the same time completely different compared to the bigger platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The potential for this platform is massive and I am looking forward to see what the future brings.

The uniqueness of Holonis

The + button in the middle of the app brings you to a menu that looks like this:

+ menu


By clicking “Post” it brings you to a page where you can post a picture, video, or a link to your website or your blog. Whatever suits you.


Clicking on “Page” brings you here:


Under this category you can post your blog or your quote of the day.


eCommerce brings you to this page:

eCommerce page

The eCommerce section might be the greatest asset to a business or brand on this platform. This platform makes it simple and convenient for your customers. They won’t even have to leave Holonis to purchase what you’re selling! Just make sure you’re providing quality content!


By clicking on “product”, it brings you to a page where you can enter the name of your product, enter a description, upload an image, add the price and quantity, add the delivery options, and so on and so forth (you’ll have to get the app to see the rest).


By clicking “service” it brings you to a very similar page as the “product” page but with a few different twist. Look no further than the description under “service”: “Sell services and collect customers address.”


Clicking on channel brings you here:

Channel page

In channels, you can put your Pages, Posts, and eCommerce items into this category. By doing this, it will make it easier for people to navigate through your profile and get where they want to go quicker.


Holonis has a very bright future. It’s still in its early stages of being a social media app, but I believe it has what it takes to be right up there with the other big social platforms within the next 5 years. Holonis also has the potential to be one of the best platforms for businesses and brands if not the best. I know that’s very high praise for a platform we barely know but the writing is on the wall.

If I could give you one piece of advice it would be this: don’t wait to get started on this platform. The future of social media marketing very well may be here.

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