I, The Mitochondria

I, The Mitochondria, am amongst the most acclaimed organelles, and I am commonly nicknamed the “Power House of the Cell.” I certainly don’t have that name for no reason. To begin with, I act as the stomach of the cell, taking in nutrients, breaking them down and creating energy rich molecules for the cell. One would no way be able to live without the stomach, therefore how could a cell? I have a strong reputation and I live up to it as well; no other organelle could ever potentially take my place because most other organelles solely rely on me. I am shaped perfectly for my function. I have three parts; the outer membrane, the inner membrane and the matrix. These three parts contribute to the successful biological processes that I run. The energy created by me carries out various functions that are vital to the human body thus without me, the human body would be nowhere near successful in it’s functions. Some of my functions include maintaining the proper concentration of calcium ions in the compartments of cells and building certain parts of blood and hormones. Overall, I control most things and am the most important to the cell.

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