Please stop and think.

Please stop saying “he couldn’t” about all the good things you claim Obama “wanted” to do. Today you see the power of a modern American president — it is almost unlimited.*

Please stop talking about sympathy for refugees but ignoring the fact most of the refugees are in that state because of US imperialism- because of wars and sanctions started under Bill Clinton, Bush and Obama, and that are going on today. We are bombing approximately eight countries right now, today. We are committing genocide in Yemen through our Saudi proxies. None of that is Trump’s doing. Google it.

Please stop saying, “None of the countries Trump banned are the homes of terrorists who attacked the US.” If a country was the home of a terrorist who killed a million Americans, it still wouldn’t make it right to ban innocent people from that country from entering the US. My country is responsible for millions of deaths across the Middle East and the world, and as far as I know none of those countries have banned me from traveling there.

Besides the fact that it’s wrong morally, the problem with this line of reasoning is, as soon as one single Syrian or Libyan does kill an American, Trump is completely justified in banning every person from that country- by your own reasoning. Even permanent residents who already went through the vetting process to get a Green Card.

Trump needs to be stopped, but it can’t be done with a myopic perspective that says everything was fine until he took office. A country that accepts refugees that it creates itself through endless wars, bombings and sanctions is not moral or humane. It is monstrous. If anything, Trump’s stance is simply removing the hypocrisy from US policies of “regime change” and bringing the results into the light.

Please stop posting the picture of that wounded Syrian child when you literally don’t even know the names of all the countries in which your own country is bombing children every day, in your name.

To treat Trump as an anomaly, and not as a culmination of the atmosphere of normalized endless war and xenophobia in post-9/11 America, is to miss the point entirely.

NB: None of this should be taken as praising or excusing Trump. Fuck Trump.

*Executive orders can be challenged in court, and this one will be on Monday. But in the absence of a competent and interested opposition party, the President can do almost anything he wants.