A Place to stay

I recently traveled to Cuzco. It is a really nice experience, but after the long day, you need to sleep. Fortunately, I got a place for you. It is in Sacred Valley, which I think is a good place to go before the actual Cusco (3326m) because it is 600m lower, and that will help you acclimatize to this altitude.

La Casona de Yucay:

It is a wonderful place! It has a lot of green space for the young to play and for the adults to rest. It is truly amazing. All the plants and flowers, the green grass, fresh air- what more do you want for a site? It isn’t like other hotels were the only thing you can do is rest.

Flowers and plants I took in the hotel

Let’s now move inside:

You really can’t see the entire room, but I couldn’t find another picture in which it looked clean. Our room wasn’t really organized; it reflected horror, especially on the last day we stayed. We are not perfect so don’t judge, you know it happens to you too.

Continuing, it had simple decorations and furniture, but it was very comfortable and peaceful. I was assigned the duplex, which is perfect for families. (There are about 2 or 4 of those, but there are also single rooms that are really spacious)

The duplex I was in was:

Floor #1: 3 beds, a tiny refrigerator, chairs and a table with water, plus a bathroom.

(Yes, I know that I used the same picture, I just don’t have many pictures.)

Floor #2: queen size bed, 2 headlamps, 2 night tables, “open closet”, a safe, TV, bathroom (with blow-dryer), and an extra blanket and pillow

In a way, it reminds you of home.

You can also see out the window. I could see part of the farmland that was right next to us with their crops. The second floor helped me see the road I traveled in to get to this beautiful hotel.

BOB! *sobs* :(

The beauty doesn’t end here. At night, if you want to, you can go see the stars. It is a great privilege, because you can’t find this kind of view in cities. The absence of car lights and road lights makes you able to see the twinkle of small stars and gaze at constellations in the dark sky of Cusco. It is truly beautiful at night. It is really peaceful and relaxing.

[If you don’t know who Bob is then: 1) how dare you not know about Bob! 2) If you’ve read the demigod files from the first series of Percy Jackson, you will know who bob is (and the dam snack bar), and if you’ve read the second series too (the house of hades), you will also know where the quote came from].

After a long tour and a relaxing sky view, it is time to get a good night’s sleep. If you are a little cold, you can get the extra blanket from the second floor, or the extra pillow. I slept in the second floor with another roommate so I wouldn’t get killed. If you’ve seen horror movies/stories, you know that the one that is alone always dies first, so I wanted to stay cautious. This means that there was an extra bed in the 1st floor. (5 beds with 4 people. 3 beds on floor 1 and 2 on floor 2) I slept very nicely if you were asking. There were no external noises or lights. It was amazing.

Basically, it is a great place and you should totally go.

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