How does it feel to buy a brand new phone?

Image credits: Forbes

It feels like a rush of endorphins and seretonin aka happiness and excitement that slowly fades away with each passing day.

As the days pass, you start to care less about the phone and more about something that you don’t have. After a few months your so called “new” phone will become the old phone which you will plan to sell or give away in order to get the newer devices.

The funny thing is, when you give away the old phone to someone, they will feel exactly the same way as you did for a while. (Assuming it was an upgrade for him/her over the old phone)

I have used a couple of phones throughout the years. And I have learned just one thing. No matter how much money you spend to get the perfect phone, you will never be truly satisfied (except for a month or so when you buy a new phone).

So just buy a phone that is good. And resist the urge to buy a new phone. Especially if it’s to impress your friends. It’s not worth it. Just save the money. And if you’re gonna buy it on credit don’t do it man. Just don’t. Best case scenario, you pay the cash without any late payments and have an expensive phone that will be replaced very soon or worst case: your late payments will increase your APR and you will lose a lot of money throughout your life that could have been saved.

So if you’re gonna buy a new phone get a flagship phone that will last 3–5 years. Or a OnePlus phone. They make great phones for an unbelievable price.